Triple Heater Meridian

Description – adapted from the book ‘Inner Cultivation Through the Twelve Meridians’ by Chloe Faith Wordsworth:

The Triple Heater Meridian

In the Chinese Five Element tradition, the Triple Heater Meridian regulates the right temperature and makes it possible for us to have social connection with others. A well balanced Triple Heater Meridian supports us in being comfortable in groups, enjoying approaching people in a warm and friendly way, easily connecting with friends and strangers, giving and receiving pleasure through social interactions, and optimally distributing water and heat to our body systems and meridians so they function optimally on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

The need of the Triple Heater Meridian is to distribute warmth and harmony to all. 

When this meridian is out of balance, we may experience some of the following:

  • Distrust of groups and feeling uncomfortable in group situations
  • Feeling comfortable in groups but fearful of one-on-one interactions
  • Feeling inept in social situations
  • Difficulty in differentiating between social and intimate relationship
  • Falling in and out of relationship quickly
  • Feeling too hot or too cold
  • Body systems not functioning properly or optimally

When this meridian is coherent, we can experience the following:

  • Feeling positive and confident in social relationships across all languages and cultures
  • Seeing what is positive in others and sharing our appreciation with them
  • Bringing lightness and laughter to life and relationships
  • Enjoying order and right action
  • Working well in groups
  • Enjoying networking and creating mutually supportive and beneficial connections
  • Balanced temperature in all areas of our body for the optimal functioning of systems

Chi – our life energy – circulates through our meridian system throughout the day. Consequently, the highest and lowest energy times for each meridian are twelve hours apart. The Triple Heater Meridian’s energy peaks between 9pm and 11pm, and it dips to its lowest point between 9am and 11am. 

The Triple Heater Meridian is a Fire Element meridian, which is connected to the season of Summer. The Fire Element’s need is for connection and its virtue is truth. Truth is cultivated when we take time to focus within ourselves so we can follow our conscience and the truth of our heart, speak our truth and access our insight and intuition.


Group Resonance Repatterning® session to balance the Triple Heater Meridian

How much:

Non-members: $48.00
Members: $24.00


20th November 2023


To protect participant privacy, this session is conducted by proxy – participants take part by submitting statements in advance of the session. They participate on an energetic level and by watching the livestream.


  1. Before the session, you will be given the opportunity to share issues you would like to repattern through Google Forms.
  2. Sophia will collect all the submissions and conduct the session on the date shared above, which you will have the opportunity to watch live. She will do the Spiral Up option on the group’s behalf to shift the energy and then confirm the shift by rechecking the group’s resonance with each statement.
  3. The session will be shared with you as soon as possible in the form of a PDF and a private video link.
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