Recovering from Injury

“The hard days are the best because that’s where champions are made.”

Gabby Douglas

The Program

Resonance Repatterning® and Scalar Heart Connection® are designed to identify the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and unable to recover from injury. I will help you transform your barriers into patterns that are empowering, life-enhancing, and supportive of you making a full recovery. Through this program, you will work on the often invisible mental and emotional barriers to recovery, so that you can attain the post-injury performance you have always dreamed of. The individual sessions allow you to identify your biggest personal obstacles to success. The group sessions give you a boost from the combined energy of many people.

**Receive a $25 discount each and enjoy going through the program as a group when you and one or more friends or teammates book together

What You Get

  1. A questionnaire to help you identify your biggest obstacles to recovery from your injury
  2. An initial group “Pain Repatterning” session, a repatterning that identifies and transforms resonance with resistance and the underlying causes of our blocked energy flow that leads to pain
  3. Three (3) individual Resonance Repatterning/Scalar Heart Connection sessions to identify and transform your biggest obstacles to recovery
  4. A group “Joy-filled Heart Repatterning” session to further support you on your road to a full recovery
  5. A 10% discount on booking an Unabridged or a Follow Your Heart session – valid for one month after the end of the program

Every 1st of the month

2 Months

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