Large Intestine Meridian

Description – adapted from the book ‘Inner Cultivation Through the Twelve Meridians’ by Chloe Faith Wordsworth:

The Large Intestine Meridian

In the Chinese Five Element tradition, the Large Intestine Meridian lets go of everything that has no value and holds onto what is valuable. A well balanced Large Intestine Meridian appropriately lets go of negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, negative emotions, resentments, grudges, expectations, toxins, etc, and absorbs what is pure and life giving. 

The need of the Large Intestine Meridian is to let go of what is imperfect in ourself and our past, which can only happen when we acknowledge our regrets, integrate their learning, and forgive ourselves and those involved. 

When this meridian is out of balance, we may experience some of the following:

  • Feeling toxic physically, emotionally or mentally
  • Clothes are dirty, personal hygiene is lacking, gross behaviour
  • Life feels negative and toxic
  • Being hyper-critical of others, seeing only the negative in them and focusing on their flaws
  • Unable to see value in others and cutting off the relationship abruptly
  • Being stuck in ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ thinking in relationship
  • Difficulty in letting go of an argument
  • Being right and winning the argument is more important than love and the relationship
  • Inability to enjoy anything
  • Feeling driven to acquire objects and hold onto them, whether these are highly valuable, such as an art collection, or worthless, such as piles of old magazines
  • Inappropriately letting go of what has value and regretting it

When this meridian is coherent, we can experience the following:

  • Being able to let go of what is not perfect in ourselves and what we no longer need, whether these are material possessions, negative habits, or beliefs that no longer serve us
  • Accepting that even the hardest circumstances have lessons for our growth and evolution
  • Letting go of regrets, grudges, resentments, blame, criticism, the need to be right and our own and others’ mistakes to create closure
  • Understanding that there are deep truths in all situations and moving beyond right and wrong, blame and criticism
  • Letting go of our parents’ mistakes and of blaming them, being able to honour them and the life they gave us
  • Recognising that rejecting our parents holds us back by stopping the flow of life energy from our ancestors to ourselves and our children and grandchildren
  • Holding onto relationships that are valuable to us

Chi – our life energy – circulates through our meridian system throughout the day. Consequently, the highest and lowest energy times for each meridian are twelve hours apart. The Large Intestine Meridian’s energy peaks between 5am and 7am, and it dips to its lowest point between 5pm and 7pm. 

The Large Intestine Meridian is a Metal Element meridian, which is connected to the season of Autumn. The Metal Element’s need is for respect and value, and its virtues are righteousness and the upright mind. Righteousness and the upright mind are cultivated when we see every situation as a gift for our higher learning and spiritual development, and we are willing to make sacrifices for the higher purpose of our life. The Metal Element is associated with fathering.


Group Resonance Repatterning® session to balance the Large Intestine Meridian

How much:

Non-members: $48.00
Members: $24.00


20th March 2023


To protect participant privacy, this session is conducted by proxy – participants take part by submitting statements in advance of the session. They participate on an energetic level and by watching the livestream.


  1. Before the session, you will be given the opportunity to share issues you would like to repattern through Google Forms.
  2. Sophia will collect all the submissions and conduct the session on the date shared above, which you will have the opportunity to watch live. She will do the Spiral Up option on the group’s behalf to shift the energy and then confirm the shift by rechecking the group’s resonance with each statement.
  3. The session will be shared with you as soon as possible in the form of a PDF and a private video link.
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