SOPHIA AVRAMIDES – 29/09/2020. Sao Paulo – SP Foto: Leonardo Rodrigues

About Anasa360

Hello and welcome to Anasa360, a place where I, Sophia Avramides, share my passion for helping people navigate and transcend the limitations manifesting in their lives through Resonance Repatterning® and Scalar Heart Connection®, two Energy Healing methods.

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Welcome to Anasa360

A very warm welcome to Anasa360, a place I hope you will love and where you will feel right at home. Anasa in Greek (Ανάσα) means breath or breather/break. It originates from the Ancient Greek work ἄνεσ(ις) – to relax. Our breath and emotions are intricately linked, and highly charged emotions, that are not resolvedContinue reading “Welcome to Anasa360”

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