Sustainable Positive Change

through Resonance Repatterning®,
Scalar Heart Connection®
and Magui Block® method
Energy Healing methods

Welcome to Anasa360

Sophia Avramides, a Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner and Certified Scalar Heart Connection® Practitioner, has a passion for getting to the root of problems to work with you to reveal the opportunity that lies beyond – the next step on your personal hero’s journey.

Lasting, sustainable, positive change begins with you, as you take ownership of your problems and transform them into new possibilities, aligning your energy with a new frequency that has the potential to bring self-healing and transformation to all levels and in all areas of your life.

Resonance Repatterning®, Scalar Heart Connection® and Magui Block® method are unique tools that – unlike conventional approaches which often fail to identify and address the root of the problem – can alter your resonance with potentially limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions arising from unresolved life experiences or generational patterns, giving you the opportunity to resonate with life-giving, empowering, positive principles instead and clearing the path for you to live an authentic life of joy and purpose.

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Session Options

Sessions with Sophia Avramides are 50 minutes long and conducted through online video-call. During the session, muscle checking is used to determine which tool(s) will be the most beneficial and the session is conducted accordingly. For more information on each tool and what to expect during the session, continue reading here.

Packages of 3, 5, and 12 sessions are available at a discount.

Group sessions are a powerful option, particularly for those who are looking for a cost-effective way to access the benefits of Resonance Repatterning® and Magui Block® method. The entrained energy of the group has the potential to precipitate tremendous transformations in each one of its members.

Anasa360 now offers an annual membership for $98, which includes five group sessions and additional discounts on our other services.

Resonance Repatterning Session Options

First port of call

Available to all new clients
Intrigued by RR, SHC, and MBM but unsure if it’s for you? Book a first session for 45% off the regular price to try it out



One, 50 minute session
Full, 50 minute session. These sessions are flexible and sensitively tailored to meet your needs


Group sessions

One-hour session in a group
Join one of my group sessions and experience the transformational power of a session with an entrained group of people


For discount packages on individual sessions and more information on the group sessions available, please click the button below.

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Anasa in Greek (Ανάσα) means breath or breather/break. It originates from the ancient Greek work ἄνεσ(ις) – to relax. Our breath and emotions are intricately linked, and highly charged emotions, that are not resolved in the moment, can be held in our body-mind system, affecting our physiology and emotional responses long after the original event is over. Scalar Heart Connection®, Resonance Repatterning® and Magui Block Method® offer a unique process for identifying the earlier experience that is linked to our reaction in the present and a pathway for reprogramming our body-mind to relax and respond differently, in a way that supports our health and general sense of well-being.

Appointment Schedule

Mon – Thu: 9am – 5pm São Paulo time (UTC-3)
Other times are available upon request

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